4 May 2023

Technology Shaping the Future – Artificial Intelligence (2023)

By tolgagenc

Artificial intelligence!
It is today’s technology, not the future.
It is a technology that will create an economic volume of 15.7 trillion dollars by 2030.
Artificial intelligence will permeate every aspect of our lives shortly.
While John McCarthy defined artificial intelligence as an engineering discipline in 1956, Professor Andrew NG, one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence, described humanity’s new electricity. The most crucial difference between these two definitions is that the potential of artificial intelligence to affect every aspect of life beyond engineering has been seen. Just as electricity has reshaped humanity socially, culturally, and economically, artificial intelligence will transform life and society similarly. To achieve the transformation, a clear fake intelligence stance and policy should be determined in every field, and artificial intelligence should be made understandable for all segments of society. From this point of view, the Artificial Intelligence Policies Association (AIPA) was established in February 2021. AIPA, which is one of the first non-governmental organizations in the field of artificial intelligence in Turkey, said: “To raise awareness of artificial intelligence in the society, to contribute to the increase of individual and corporate competencies, and to create and support a new entrepreneurship culture in our country by accelerating our country’s goal of being among the top 10 economies in the world with technology entrepreneurship. And to produce policies to disseminate it”.
As the AIPA family, we will continue to increase social awareness and knowledge of artificial intelligence without slowing down by publishing a book every year. The future is drawn by those who plan it already. In that case, artificial intelligence as a correct development element at the end of our country depends on the meticulous planning of the perception, processes, and policies regarding the concept, and our book will guide these plans.