4 June 2022

Scottish Cup

By tolgagenc

The Period Between 1873-1890:

The Scottish Football Association Challenge Cup, commonly known as the Scottish Cup, was an annual association qualifying cup tournament for men. The tournament was first held in 1873–74. It is the second oldest trophy in football history, after the FA Cup, and the oldest national trophy in the world. Queen’s Park won the first tournament, beating Clydesdale 2-0. With a few exceptions, Queen’s Park won the first three trophies in the finals, initially played in Hampden Park. The next three tournaments were won by Vale of Leven, while in the first of these, they could dominate the Rangers in only three games. In the following five seasons, Queen’s Park won four championships, increasing the number of trophies to seven in eleven seasons, and by the 1892-93 season, they had increased the number of awards to 10. It was seen that Vale of Leven, who had won the cup three times before, lost in the final four times in the 1880s.

Vale of Leven

The Period Between 1890-1900:

From the 1890s, Celtic, Rangers, and Heart of Midlothian began to stand out in championships. Celtic won three titles in six finals, while Rangers had three titles in four finals. Heart of Midlothian won three trophies in three finals. In the following years, apart from Hampden Park, Cathin Park and Ibrox Park also hosted the finals.

The Period Between 1900-1918:

The tournament committee canceled the cup in 1909. During the First World War, the cup was not played. Celtic stood out as the most successful club in this period, with six championships in eight finals. Heart Of Midlothian and Rangers also performed in three finals each. Hearts won two, Rangers one. While Clyde was in the two finals, he could not get the desired result.

The 1909 Scottish Cup final was the final of the 36th season of the Scottish Cup. In an Old Firm fight between Rangers and Celtic at Hampden Park, the final ended 2–2 on April 10 and was replayed on April 17. When this match finished 1-1, the initial assumption was that overtime would be played, but the competition rules only allowed a second replay. The crowd invaded the field when they realized that overtime would not be played. In the resulting disorder, the goalposts collapsed, parts of the field were heavily damaged, and fires broke out. Mounted police and firefighters were also attacked, with more than 100 injured. Neither club wanted a second replay, after which the Scottish Football Association canceled trophies and medals. Queen’s Park superiority in the first years of the cup, which started in 1874, passed to Celtic. Celtic had reached nine titles in total.

Scottish Cup Finals Club Breakdown (1874-1918):