4 December 2022

Rivalries in Britain

By tolgagenc

1.Sheffield FC – Hallam FC

The world’s first derby was between two clubs competing in the lower divisions as semi-amateur: Sheffield FC and Hallam FC.

Sheffield FC, one of these two clubs from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, was founded in 1857. Sheffield F.C. Before it was based, colleges and universities in England had their school teams. In addition, each of these teams played football with rules specific to their schools or regions. The club’s founders, Prest and Creswick, signed the first crossbar use, the first corner, and the first free kick rules. Another interesting point was when Sheffield FC played sixteen against Hallam FC, founded in 1860, on 26 December 1860, when the two clubs were only a hundred meters apart! The first match in history was also the first derby! On the pitch, the older club demonstrated its experience by winning 2-0.

The two oldest clubs in the world still exist today, but they play in the minor English leagues. An anecdotal score, however, with a huge impact, this match is an integral part of English and world football history.

In 1957, Sheffield F.C. made a great match with the England B National Team in Hillsborough in honor of its 100th anniversary. The club was awarded the “Order of Merit”, an honorary award given by FIFA, in 2004. In 2007, they played against Inter and Ajax clubs in the ceremonies held on their 150th anniversary, and another legend Pele, whom we lost recently, took part in the matches for a short time. Pele also opened an exhibition of the first handwritten football rules. Sheffield FC currently plays at the 8th level in the Northern Premier League Division One East, the English Football League system. Hallam FC, on the other hand, is currently competing in the Northern Counties East League Division One, that is, at the 10th level according to the English Football League system.

2.East Midland -1

We are speaking of The Football League without mentioning one important East Midland rivalry: Notts County and Nottingham Forest.

Notts County is the world’s oldest professional club, founded in 1862. Founded in 1857, Sheffield F.C. is an amateur club. Notts County and 11 other clubs formed The Football League in 1888.

He won the FA Cup championship with Notts County, which played in the FA Cup final for the first time in 1891, by beating Bolton Wanderers 4-1 in 1894. Jimmy Logan scored a hat-trick in this match, breaking new ground in the FACup finals. In 1910 they moved to Meadow Lane. During the Second World War, the Meadow Line was damaged by bombs. The field was temporarily used by Nottingham Forest when the river Trent damaged the City Ground in the 1946–47 season. After the 1950s were over, Nottingham Forest became the city’s biggest club.

While many clubs were established after 1862, one of them, Nottingham Forest, was founded in 1865 and played its first official match against Notts County in 1866. Red color became a color that they transferred to Liverpool, Arsenal, and Brighton & Hove Albion clubs, which they support in matters such as jerseys in their organizations. Forest’s application to the Football League in 1888 was rejected, and they joined the Football Alliance in 1889, which lasted only three seasons. In the fifth semi-final of the FA Cup, Forest beat Southampton in 1898 and became the champion by beating Derby County 3-1, who would be another arch-rival for years.

In 1975, when Brian Clough became head of Nottingham Forest and managed for 18 years, they achieved great success with many successes when their arch-rival, Notts County, across the river, was in the 2nd Division.

Over the years, neighboring clubs Mansfield Town, Derby County, Leicester City, Lincoln City, and Chesterfield have also been added to the great rivalry between Notts County and Nottingham Forest. In the photo, on either side of the Trent River, there is Meadow Lane in the front, the City Ground in the back, and the Trent Bridge Cricket Stadium at the far end.