19 September 2022

Development of Finance and Banking from Smyrna to İzmir (2022)

By tolgagenc

Individual work published by the Banks Association of Turkey in 2022 “The Development of Finance and Banking from Smyrna to İzmir”

In this book, the political or economic organization in which the city of Izmir has been since its foundation, the prominent people or events that have positively or negatively affected the development of the town throughout history, the changes in its trade and social structure, the institutional and infrastructural arrangements that directly affect the city, and all the economic, financial and social consequences of these have been tried to be examined.

The book consists of four parts; the first part is “The Period from the First Age to the End of the 17th Century”; the second chapter is “16. From the end of the century II. The Period Until the Constitutional Monarchy”; the third part, “II. The Post-Constitutional Period,” and the fourth part consist of the titles of “Financial System in History,” which is the main subject of the book. The book is available at this link: