18 September 2022

Current Economic Issues: The Debt Dilemma (2021)

By tolgagenc

The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated almost all countries’ already problematic debt levels. Developed economies, especially EU countries, which suspended the Public Debt Stock/GDP criterion during the epidemic, started to discuss the sustainability of this debt. However, since Central Banks increase their purchases of securities with their monetary expansion policies, on the one hand, they ensure the monetization of the debt; on the other hand, they postpone the debt rollover problem to a later date. Again, the “zero interest policy” preferences of the Central Banks against high inflation caused the real interest rate to become negative; As a result, with global growth turning positive again, it caused the Debt Stock/GDP ratio to decrease.
Distinguished academics and researchers contributed to this work. In the study, in which the debt problem was handled from a global and Turkish perspective, what should be done was also highlighted. The study, directed to all segments interested in the subject, will be helpful to the readers.

Sadi Uzunoğlu-Gökhan Sönmezler and İsmail Orçun Gündüz (editor) – Current Economic Problems: Debt Dead End (2021) by Prof.Dr. Joint section with C.Coşkun Küçüközmen, Pages 141-159, “Syndication Loans”, Literatür Publishing