20 September 2022

Company Strategies in Difficult Times (2022)

By tolgagenc

Did you know that there have been more than 15 crises in Turkey alone since 1946, and the effects lasted an average of five years? While the pandemic, which we can call the most challenging period in recent years, is approaching an end, we still feel its adverse effects with severe problems in raw materials, food, and the supply chain.

This book in your hand is a guide prepared for businesses to get through the difficult times of crises, starting from the pandemic. In this guide, which emerged from years of research and experience of 17 academicians who are experts in their fields, From logistics to human resources, from innovation to organizational management and finance, you will find simple and understandable information and discover concrete and applicable tips.

Prof. Dr. Burcu Güneri Çangarlı and Taylan Özgür Demirkaya (editor)- In their book “Company Strategies in Difficult Times” (2022), Prof.Dr. Joint section with C.Coşkun Küçüközmen and Funda Güleç Yalçın, Pages 187-219, “Financial Technology Strategies”, Humanist Publishing