About me

I started my life in Tire district of Izmir. I started primary school in Alacalı Village, where my mother and father worked as teachers, and I graduated from Kurtuluş Primary School in the center of Tire. Afterwards, I had my secondary and high school education at Bornova Anatolian High School as a boarder. I spent a total of 9 years in Ankara while I was studying at the Department of Economics at METU and afterwards. I recently did my military service in Ankara, where I started working since my university years. After Izmir and Ankara, this time it was Istanbul’s turn.

I worked in a private bank in Istanbul for 16 years. After working on projects in the Head Office in areas such as Change Management and Quality Management, I aimed to gain a more comprehensive financial experience by taking part in the field. First, I worked at the Regional Directorate in marketing, coaching and human resources for SMEs, and finally, I put an end to my banking career as a branch manager.

After moving to İzmir for family reasons, I first received coaching training. While continuing my academic studies at the doctoral level, I had the opportunity to share my professional experiences at universities. As of the end of August 2022, I completed my doctorate. In addition, I take an active role in the Aegean Finance Association and continue my book studies in the field of finance. My areas of expertise include financial consulting and risk management, along with new financial technologies.

As of August 2022, I completed my doctorate, which I continued with a full scholarship from Kadir Has University. Also, during my doctorate, I received 2211 – Domestic PhD Scholarship from TUBITAK. I have been interested in detailed information since childhood. My love for sports, which forms the foundations of sports economy, which is my doctoral thesis, dates back to my childhood. I gave importance not only to doing sports, but also to mastering the details of sports as information. Accordingly, on this page, I include some of my blog posts about sports. In these articles, I aim to approach the subject both economically and sociologically. In addition, I include the history, current information and analyzes of goalkeeping in Turkish and English on my football history page called


Finally, I am a bicycle lover, both as a user, as a viewer, and as a writer.

My Coaching Certificates